All the troubles when sacrificing sindur to Hanuman

According to the scriptures, Hanuman should pray for all the troubles and troubles in life. Hanuman’s prayer for the welfare and suffering of life is important.Hanuman is blessed with only one action on Saturday and Tuesday. Sindur is very dear to Bajrangbali Hanuman.So the best way to please Hanuman is to offer Hanuman to the sindoor. Therefore, it is considered auspicious for Hanuman to offer sindoor and apply sindoor.

The importance of Sindur in religious belief

In Hinduism, the color of the sycamore is considered very important. The use of vermilion is believed to initiate marital life or to maintain good fortune even after marriage.Women use it in makeup as a symbol of good luck. In addition, the subject of Indus is associated with Mars. Therefore, sindoor is considered auspicious.According to legend, after seeing Sita wearing sindoor in Ramayana, Hanuman asked about the reason for wearing sindoor.Whereupon the father-daughter Sita wore sindur, Lord Shriram said that she would be pleased. Then Lord Shriram devotee Hanuman wore sindoor coating all over his body. By that time, Hanuman is considered to be the most beloved of Sindhu since then.

The rule of offering sindoor to Hanuman

If you have been in stress or problem for a long time, take a bath every Saturday and Tuesday. After that, the statue of Hanuman will be bathed by Gangajal.Then offer the sindoor before the idol or image of Hanuman. Doing so has the religious belief that all suffering, suffering, and stress will disappear. To please Hanumanji, sindur should be offered as well as sindur.If Mars is interrupted or a crisis is frequent, then Jasmine oil and Sindur should be offered. Men can offer sindoor to Hanuman, but according to the belief, women should not offer sindoor to Hanuman.

If there are times when you have to wash your hands or have problems with your job, then donate sindoor at the stage of the statue of Hanuman on Tuesday.Then, in white cloth or paper, the same sindur should be made in front of the Hanuman statue by the sign of Swastika. Doing so has the religious belief that humanity can solve all problems.

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