Kohlpur recurring incident in Dang: student killed in Quakerwat school crash

Dang, 1 person. The Tulsipur Kapurboat road block has been blocked under Rapti Highway in Dang after the death of a schoolgirl from a tractor collision. After the school student died, a Noldin student barricaded the road. Three-year-old Bijita KC, who was going to school, died when a tractor hit her near a godown at Kapurboat road block on Thursday morning.Students of Tulsi Residential Municipality-8 in Tulsipur have been out on the street after hitting a girl in Class 8.

Manisha Wali, 5, who was injured when Vijita died when she was hit by a RA-1 tractor. She is being treated at a local hospital. The injured Manisha is also a Class V student with Vijita. DSP Hariharanath Yogi of the Area Police Office, Tulsipur, died when a speeding truck hit Bijita while she was going to school.

Bijita, who was critically injured in the clash with the critter, died while undergoing treatment at Tulsipur Hospital for treatment. The truck and driver are being investigated for the incident, according to the report. The incident took place at the scene of the incident, with the tractor and the driver in the driveway. In Banke, Kohalpur, a few days ago, a girl who was going to school died after giving her a truffle. The atmosphere in Kolhapur was disturbed for two days by the movement of students and relatives.

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