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While India pays 5 rupees per kg, European countries pay Nepal rupees 5 rupees.

The demand and popularity of zucchini is increasing in Europe. In Germany, the price of processed citrus costs between 1 and 5 euros per person. In European countries pork dust is made available in pouches suitable for washing machines. Rattan soap is also becoming popular in the European market.

Vegetarian societies act as its certification and promotion.Nepal has also been exporting ketchup to eight countries of the world, including Europe, America.

Nepal’s coffees are being exported to Europe at Rs 5, while the rupee is Rs 5 per kg in India. India, too, has been exporting glutinously at an average of Rs.

In this situation, the economic campaign is in the news today that the adoption of the Nepalese ritual strategy in the Himalayan Ritta brand will have a special place in the international market.

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