6 lakhs gift at the Mahagadhimai fair in Bara

Over five lakh rupees have been presented at the five-year-old Gadhimai fair in Mahagadhimai Municipality-1 Bariarpur in Bara. According to the Gadhimai Temple Operations and Development Committee, the remaining coins are counted among the gifts presented at Gadhimai fair every 2-3 years. The amount that has been taken for about a week is Rs. Rupees seven lakh 7 thousand priests have been given 5 percent of that amount to Mangal Chaudhary.

The Indian and Nepalese mounted in eleven donation boxes have been increased to Rs. The coin mounted at the Gadhimai temple remains to be counted. The coins will be filled up and distributed in the bucket.The coins mounted at Gadhimai are estimated to be worth more than Rs one lakh, the Gadhimai Temple Operations and Development Committee estimates. Even the dirty CCTV cameras had to be used for presents. The remaining gift given to the priest will be credited to the account of the five-year-old Gadhimai Mela Main Committee.

Meanwhile, the five-year-old Garhimai fair, which took place on November 3, took place a month later. It is estimated that about one million people participate in the long fair every month. Ranga sacrifice was offered on the 5th of May and goat sacrifice on the 5th of May.

Motilal Kushwaha, general secretary of the Fair Basic Management Committee, said that the head of the sacrificial pada was three thousand nine. Similarly, more than three million goats have been estimated.The Garhimai Temple Operations and Development Committee said that millions of pagodas were flown, but the pagodas were falling due to lack of protection.

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