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The construction of the Brijogini temple has been completed at a cost of Rs 6 crores

Sankhu – The historic Bajrogini Mai and Padam Soil temples, one of the oldest in the valley, have been completed.The archeological department has rebuilt two temples that were demolished due to an earthquake that took place on May 3, 2007.On Saturday, the Minister of Sanskrit Tourism and Civil Aviation Yogesh Bhattarai made the inauguration of the temple’s temple.The construction of the two temples cost Rs. 57.9 million, said Damodar Gautam, director general of the department. According to Gautam, six temples of Sankhu region have been renovated.

Addressing the inauguration ceremony of the temple, Minister of Sanskrit Tourism and Civil Aviation Bhattarai said that it was a pleasure to see the temple damaged in the earthquake being built in the old style.He expressed confidence that 3 percent of the religious and cultural heritage under his ministry could be rebuilt and the rest would be completed within two years. Bhattarai pledged to assist the government in developing the Sankhu region as a religious and tourist sector.

Stating that the government would take initiative to put Brijogini on the list of world heritage, he suggested making the Sankhu region a focal point and making it a path.The government has committed to take initiative to make religious path by incorporating Chobar, Sambhu, Buddhist, Bajrayogini and Navbuddha by Guru Rimpoose.Similarly, Mayor of Shankharapur Municipality, Suvarna Shrestha, informed that the municipality has planned to keep the brogueini as jewelry from Lichvikal since it is safe.

He also said that Bhrikuti’s marriage was in the courtyard of Brogioni, adding that the government should also assist in developing this area in religious tourism.Bajrayogini is worshiped as a goddess according to Buddhist and Hindu traditions.The temple was built in medieval period by Pratap Malle in the book style. Devotees of Sindhupalchowk, Nuwakot and Kavrepalanchok, in the valley and surrounding districts, complete their worship of Bajraogini as a Tantric goddess.

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