If you want success, try yourself, not rely on others

Lord Gautam Buddha was born in the sixth century BCE, and died at the age of 4 years, ie in 7 BCE. He was an intuitionist and a guru. He is the one who laid the foundation of Buddhism. Today we have mentioned some of the sayings of the great Buddha. Saying life can be useful to you.

– Sun, Moon and Truth The three things cannot be hidden for very long.

– If you want your success, try yourself, if you depend on others, success is difficult.

– One eternal truth is that hate ends with love, not hate.

– Life without health is a store of pain, not life.

– The mind is everything, you become what you think.

– A person walking in the path of truth can make two mistakes, one that does not go the whole way and the other, he does not even begin.

– Desire is something that will never end.

– The habits of doubt are the most dangerous, which can ruin a good relationship.

– Seek salvation from complacent thoughts, there is peace in life.

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