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Greetings to Kulman! Lightning strikes in the capital without leaving the road

The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has begun the underground operation of electric wires in Kathmandu since January. The project is about to start with the objective of increasing the power system capacity and reducing the risk of electricity in urban areas.

For the first time, underground electricity is under way in Nepal. In the first phase, underground wire will be started from next week for the transmission line from Ratnapark and Maharajganj Distribution Centers.Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) said that the wires in other areas of the valley will be subjected to evaluation based on the success and experience of the first phase.

Kulman Ghising, executive director of Nepal Electricity Authority, said that the underground work of electric wires in Kathmandu Valley will start from January. Saying that the materials and equipment needed to submerge the wire has arrived in Kathmandu, Ghising said that all preparations for the underground have been completed.

Prabal Adhikari, Chief and Spokesperson of NEA Electricity Department, said that the underground operation of the electric wire would be started from the first week of this month. “The necessary preparations for the wire underground have been completed; work will begin on December 1,” he said, adding that “the first phase will be completed by Tuesday.”

According to him, most of the equipment and materials needed for underground electric power has arrived in Kathmandu, the remaining equipment and materials will arrive in Kathmandu within a week.

Stating that the wires should not be paved like the Melamchi for underground, the spokesman said that through horizontal direction drilling (HDD) technology, drilling holes will be made at a certain distance in the place and two pipes will be drilled. Authorities have said that one of those pipes will have electric wires and cable wires in the other for communication purposes.

Under this scheme, wire will be submerged in boxes on both sides of the road.Spokeswoman Adhikari said that the main road would not be opened as the road would be used only underground. This news is in today’s paper.

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