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Vitamin C Benefits of Rich Practices

Agency. Amla is rich in Vitamin C. Amla is one of the three herbal medicines of Triphala. Amla is also considered as a venerable fruit in Hinduism because of its good source of vitamins.It is said that 6 spices have more vitamins than 6 oranges, and that food is cured by eating only under the shade of the base of the amla tree. Amla has the ability to cure various diseases.

Amla provides zeal for the youth. It can be used as a dry powder, as another medicine, as a pickle or in some other form.Every day a staffed diet does not cause stomach problems, including stomach cleansing and constipation, and gastric control is somewhat controlled.

Daily intake of amla increases the body’s immunity. Kidney-related diseases do not appear. Amla juice also makes the blood clean and the body healthy.A daily dietary supplement does not lead to diseases related to lungs.

Amla is also beneficial for face and hair. The daily intake of amla gives a shine to the skin of the face and keeps the hair from appearing young for a long time.

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