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Appeal, share the Nepali Chelsea Anushka Shrestha to win the Miss World

Miss Nepal Anushka Shrestha is representing Nepal in the Mission World Contest to be held in the UK next December. Shrestha, who is preparing for the Miss World Contest, is calling for help from all over the world.

Under Miss World, at the outset, Miss Nepal Shrestha needs help to win the Miss World’s Multimedia Award, which is to enter the top five.Miss Nepal’s Anushka Shrestha will need the likes and shares to win the Multimedia Award on behalf of Nepal in the Miss World 19 competition being held in December.

For which MOBSTAR! Apps must be loaded down. After loading the app down, Anushka Shrestha can be searched and shared. That will help increase the vote. It is also considered as one of the multimedia award selection which is a lot of likes. This can be done by downloading the app and liking and sharing!

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