Sina Limbu who gave Nepal gold in Kalima

Kathmandu She has just reached 19 years. The smiling face with the winning face turned away from the family member, and everyone greeted him with a quick greeting. In Taekwondo Pumsey, the age group of 1 to 5 years, when she was giving Nepal the first gold to the women, enthusiasm and enthusiasm were inseparable. She is Sina Limbu Maden. Madan, who was born in Dharan, did not forget about the beauty of Dharan alone. She traveled to Kathmandu.

From an early age, she landed at the mattress in Taekwondo.So she started from Girugi. But in the national game she broke down and reached Pumsey. Where she won gold. The persistence that followed has brought him to the gold in the South Asian Games today. Father Naveen Maden and mother Vishnu Limbu’s three daughters, three players, two sisters Ritu Maden and Richa Maden became national players. But the younger Sina fulfilled her father’s big dream. Naveen is also an instructor himself.

In Dharan, father-in-law made him take Sina to Taekwondo.That is how she succeeded in giving the country gold. After leaving Kathmandu, he was initially encouraged to enter the training hall for practice. Because she was alone. Friends were not made. But gradually her fears diminished, and her enthusiasm grew. Along with friends and mentors, she became accustomed to digesting the family.

She said after fulfilling her dream, ‘Dad’s dream was to win gold in the saga. My dream was to win gold too. Both dreams have come true today.Really, the dream of father and daughter for the country is getting muted. ”Sina looked quite mature. So Sina defeated all the players in the selection and reached the closing camp of SAG. Then with the help of all the family and the love of the gurus helped him achieve a goal, he now wants to win the Asian Championship. Along with the game of Cuvette Madden, there were offers of modeling.

The number of people who admire the beauty along with her game is not small in this city. But Sina, who looks decent and mature, says with a smile, ‘Many say good.But I have not thought about going anywhere other than sports. Now, the goal is the Asian Championship. ”The teenager, who walked the goal, did not just get a big breakthrough. Was given to the whole country. So as she was leaving, she said with a laugh, ‘I give heart to medal. You are always there to cheer us on. ‘

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