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All fail in Japan’s skill test, no one goes in the first step

In Japan, the first step for nursing caregivers is not to go to Nepali. Nursing caregivers from Japan Foundation had 1 participant in the skill test and 1 participant in the Japanese language test. Of these, only one passed the language test. According to the labor agreement of Nepal and Japan, the worker going to the nursing caregiver should pass the language and skills related to the nursing service.

Among those who applied online, Lucky Draw was selected by the Japan Foundation. The analysis of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security has failed due to which the examiner is confused as to which area the worker should go to which course to take the exam.

According to preliminary information provided by Japan to the Ministry, 3,000 Nepalese had applied for the language test. One thousand were selected from the lucky draw for the examination.

Of this, 5,8 were selected for the general examination.In this 1 passed. In the first lot, there were 5 participants in the Nursing Care Giver’s Skill Test and 1 in the Nursing Language Test. From Kantipur Daily

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