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Love be like a Bhutanese king & queen

Little is known about the Bhutanese king and queen’s love story. Bhutanese king Jimb Khasar Namgyel Wangchuck held the throne in 9. Bhutan, which launched ‘Gros National Happiness’, had a foreign television ban until 19.

When Bhutanese queen Jetshan Pema was seven years old, she was met by 7-year-old King Jimb Khasar Namgyel Wangchuk. They were meeting at a family picnic.Queen Jetson’s father was also the father of an airline pilot. She was from a dictator family. His great-grandfather was from Tashigang. Her grandfather was a former king’s wife’s brother.

When they met at their picnic, the current king Jimb Khasar Namgyel Wangchuk had told Queen Jettion, ‘When you are single, if you are single or married and you are single and married to someone, I will make you my wife. We will both be thinking the same thing. ‘

Not so in their lives. They married in the 5th. Thousands of people attended the wedding.Up to three matrimonial events were underway. The monks recited various mantras, while others played drums. At the wedding, the king said that he was very happy to receive the jet. He said, ‘We have many things in common. Love, enthusiasm or anything else. She is a beautiful young woman. ‘

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