The onion cherry burst into the store, but the money did not even touch!

Agency,Not only in the Nepalese market, onion prices have been rising day by day in India and Bangladesh. As the onion prices skyrocket, thieves have begun to steal onions, not money.

A thief has stabbed an onion in a vegetable shop in Eastmadinpur, West Bengal, India. What is strange is that the thieves did not even touch the money kept in the shop; they fled with only the onions, garlic and ginger.

According to Hindi News 2, 5,000 pieces of onion and garlic have been stolen from Ajay Das’s shop. The slave had a large stock of onions for sale at a good price. The servant said, ‘Later on, we had stored onions in the shop to sell them in good condition, but when they came to the shop in the morning, all the onions were stolen.’

In India, the price of one kilogram of onion has reached Rs. Indian traders are reportedly storing onions to earn more profit.The Indian government is also trying to curb onion prices.

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