Nanu’s family found injured in bus accident in Arghakhanchi

Yesterday, two children were found in critical condition. According to the news received, the serious mother is being treated in her fetal.

On Wednesday afternoon, at 4.30 pm, a Lu-Kh9 bus traveling from Sandhikhark, the headquarters of Arghakhanchi, was struck by accident at a place called “Ratmata” in Arghakhanchi.

So far 19 people have died in the incident, and some are still in critical condition.The family of a cyano nanu who managed to survive the same incident did not open and the photo was going viral on social networks.

Now, the information found in the family of Nanu has been published by Namaste Arghakhanchi. Nanu, who was injured in the accident, is currently undergoing treatment in Butwal.

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